River Avon Project


Our client faced a significant challenge in the realm of bridge construction and site access. The project required a modular bridge capable of taking heavy plant for several years.


To tackle this demanding situation, our team at Janson Bridging UK Ltd provided a highly adaptable and cost-effective modular bridge hire solution. We supplied a 33-meter by 7.5-meter JSB Plate Girder Bridge, a prime example of our modular bridge technology, designed to address the specific needs of the HS2 project. This temporary bridge, along with a 4.5-meter hoarding, was expertly engineered to ensure the swift and secure transportation of the 33-meter loads, all while considering the sensitive project requirements.

Project Impact:

Our modular bridge hire solution made a significant difference in enhancing site access for the HS2 project. Offering a durable and adaptable temporary bridge solution over the River Avon, it provided an essential component for the logistics of this site. This solution not only met the demanding technical aspects of the project but also contributed significantly to the project's overall efficiency by facilitating seamless transportation.


  • Streamlined access for bridge construction and temporary bridge deployment.
  • Enhanced project efficiency and cost-effectiveness with modular bridge hire.
  • Minimised delays and disruptions in the supply chain, thanks to our adaptable solutions.
  • A clear demonstration of the versatility and reliability of our modular bridge technology.


The River Avon HS2 project's complex site access challenge was effectively addressed with our customisable modular bridge hire solution. This project highlights the exceptional capabilities of Janson Bridging UK Ltd in providing innovative and efficient solutions for bridge construction, temporary bridge requirements, and modular bridge applications.

For more information on how our modular bridge solutions can boost your projects and improve site access, contact us today.

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