Plate pontoon

Janson's Plate Pontoons are eminently suitable as floating bridges for large events or for maintenance tasks on the water. Our coupled plate pontoons are always properly configured to the required floating power, so that you never have to worry about your work task or event falling into the water.

There are countless options for using this type of pontoon. Generally, we use floats or pontoon islands for maintenance activities on water or for carrying out waterworks. A very common use of plate pontoons is when building floating bridges. These can be equipped with special ramp flaps that can be attached to the construction.

Depending on the use, our plate pontoons are delivered with ramp flaps, wheel guides, anchoring systems, railing posts, spud poles and fencing.

Plate pontoon

1.185 kg
Load-bearing capacity in case of 15 cm freeboard
3.300 kg
Deck load
10 ton/m2

Plate pontoons

  • Very versatile application
  • Endless configurations for realisation
  • Fast and efficient to couple
  • Available as middle pontoon or end pontoon
  • Used very often for events
Plate pontoon