Coupling pontoon (JCP)

Janson Coupling Pontoons are designed for transport using standard trucks. They are placed in the water using a telescopic crane and the top most coupling is used as a crane hook. Once the pontoon is in the water, it can be coupled easily and quickly by two technicians using an effectively designed coupling system and without the need for any mechanical assistance.

These pontoons are made of robust welded steel frames all around, equipped with a 6 mm thick shell plating, a 10 mm thick reinforced deck plate and an 8 mm thick reinforced bottom plate. The couplings are designed to withstand 20 tons in each direction.

Using a wide range of additional equipment, such as gangways, bollards, buffers, spud poles, further improves the flexibility of the Janson coupling pontoons. Outboard motors, work boats and winches are available for moving the platforms. Special intermediate deck elements can be used to increase the stability and surface, while using a minimum number of additional pontoons in cases where a large floating possibility is not required. Janson coupling pontoons are available in 3 different heights: 1 metre (JCP 100), 1.50 metres (JCP 150) and 2 metres (JCP 200).


2½, 5, 7½, 12½m
1, 1½, 2m
2.280 - 11.500 kg
Load-bearing capacity in case of 30 cm freeboard
280 - 1.220 kg/m2

Janson coupling pontoons (JCP)

  • Fast and easy coupling
  • Flexible product for endless configurations
  • Available in various heights
  • Many accessories available
Coupling pontoon