Truss bridge (PSB)

Janson’s Truss Bridge system (PSB) is a bridge intended for semi-permanent or definite application and was especially developed for rural areas where the infrastructure and transportation possibilities are limited. We build these bridges using a launch method and a telescopic crane.

The bridge sections can be transported to the construction site and assembled there. The bridge system can be installed hinged or separated. And furthermore, extending the bridge can be done over multiple intermediate supports. The bridge system can be spanned up to 100 metres. It is for both heavy traffic and pedestrians. The bridge system can be expanded with towers, platforms and steps to allow vertical height differences and solutions for corners.


Modular field length
Road surface width
3¼, 4, 7½m (traffic)
Road surface width
2, 2½, 3m (light traffic)
Top coat
Red stone-chippings
Deck height including support
Maximum free span
Treffic, pedestrian

Truss bridge (PSB)

  • Bridge length up to 100 metres
  • For heavy traffic
  • Option of hinged and continuous coupling
  • Assembly with relatively small tools
  • Hot-dip galvanized material for a long and maintenance-free lifespan
Truss bridge