Pedestrian bridge (JPB-P)

Janson’s light traffic bridges are deployed for light traffic, mainly for bikes and passenger loads. It is also possible to sometimes allow a vehicle (maintenance vehicle) on this type of bridge.

The JPB-P (pedestrian) is transported to the construction site as one piece as possible and subsequently installed and assembled into a complete bridge in minimal building time. With these standard systems, we can realise spans of up to 61 metres! Even if no telescopic crane can be come onto the site. In accordance with client wishes, the bridge system can be expanded with towers, platforms and steps to allow vertical height differences. In addition to this JPB-P, Janson Bridging also offers the PSB-P and LPB-P as flexible bicycle and pedestrian panel bridge.

JPB Ped.-serie

Modular field length
3,048m (10ft)
Road surface width
2, 2½, 3m
Top coat
Red stone-chippings
Deck height including support
Maximum free span
Panel height above walking deck

Pedestrian bridge (JPB-P)

  • Bridge length up to 61 metres
  • For cyclists and pedestrians
  • Option of hinged or continuous coupling
  • Towers, platforms and stairs available
  • Minimal building time

Pedestrian bridge