Panel bridge (JPB-T)

The Janson Panel Bridge system (JPB-T) was designed for temporary and permanent installation where a span of up to 70 metres is required for work or general traffic. The system is built up from modular standard panels.

The separate parts are designed in a way that they can be put together with using light tools, so that a panel bridge can be installed in places that are inaccessible to heavy-duty vehicles and heavy cranes.The bridge system can be expanded with towers to allow vertical height differences.

Janson panel bridges were designed with any eye for assembly with the use of relatively small tools and small cranes. It is also possible to set up this bridge system horizontally in places where a crane has no excess at all. The bridge sections can be pre-assembled as separate units or can be transported partly pre-assembled to the destination of the bridge.

JPB T-serie

Modular field length
3,048m (10ft)
Road surface width
3.2, 4.2, 7.4m
Deck height including support
From 0.85m
Maximum free span
Traffic, pedestrian

Janson Panel Bridge (JPB)

  • Spans to over 70 metres
  • For both public transportation and construction work traffic
  • Option of hinged and continuous coupling
  • Can be assembled with relatively small tools
  • Option of supplying guardrails
Panel bridge