Emergency Bridging

Quick emergency bridge after extreme weather

Pipes, cables and infrastructure rarely withstand the effects of extreme weather, such as storms, flooding and landslides. Unfortunately, bridges also often suffer and can be badly damaged, suddenly closing important routes. Janson Bridging is ready to place an emergency bridge in such situations. As a result, towns and villages are quickly accessible again to emergency services and regular traffic.
Janson Bridging specialises in temporary modular bridge systems. The Dutch company usually places these at numerous regular infrastructure projects throughout Europe, but Janson Bridging also deploys its expertise in emergencies caused by extreme weather, when infrastructure or structures for cars, cyclists, pedestrians or rail traffic are damaged. As was the case during the heavy flooding in 2021 in parts of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
Emergency response team
Speed is essential in emergencies. Not only does a (local) government want to get regular traffic flowing again at very short notice, but a closed road or bridge also hampers the work of emergency services and recovery work after a flood. This is why an internal emergency team at Janson Bridging gets to work immediately, as soon as a (local) government needs help. This team includes all disciplines needed to build a temporary emergency bridge, such as engineering, stock management, planning and execution. "The moment a government calls, our colleagues in the emergency team ensure that the emergency situation is given priority," outlines Project Manager Theo van Duren.












From inspection to execution

Janson Bridging specialists conduct a site inspection in the first few days to determine the damage and identify options for emergency provision. Janson Bridging bridge solutions consist of prefabricated steel bridge elements. The bridges are modular, making them customisable to the project. Also, transport and lifting operations are relatively light and these emergency solutions can be fitted almost anywhere quickly.

When choosing the right emergency bridge, Janson Bridging thinks beyond regular use. Theo van Duren says, "You don't want to place just any bridge, you want a solution that allows all traffic to drive safely and comfortably. We also look at the load capacity of the emergency bridge. When an area starts reconstruction, this often requires heavy equipment. The emergency bridge must also be able to carry those higher loads."
Once a solution is worked out, Janson Bridging installs the emergency bridge. The whole process can be completed in a few days. For example, in 2021, Janson Bridging laid an emergency bridge in just a few days, after heavy flooding in Pepinster, Belgium. "This allowed traffic to safely use the provincial road N61 again," says Commercial Manager Europe John Kerkhoff.


Stock in strategic locations

Janson Bridging is one of the few bridge builders in Europe able to deliver quickly thanks to a large stock of bridge elements. These are located in various strategic places in Europe, so they can be transported to the disaster site quickly. John Kerkhoff says, "We know exactly what is where so we can move quickly. Thanks to our working method and stock, we can skip the design and production steps."
Looking forward
It seems that Europe will face more frequent extreme weather and flooding, due to climate change. To respond to increasing demand from governments, Janson Bridging is continuously expanding its stock of bridge elements. “We also place these in more locations than we currently have, so that we can quickly replenish across Europe.”










Are you interested in Janson Bridging's disaster solutions or do you need an emergency bridge quickly? Get in touch with Janson Bridging.


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