You have opted for a solution by Janson Bridging. Then comes the question on how you will fit this financially into your project. Would you buy, hire or otherwise exploit your bridge, pontoon, Roro or ferry? Of course, you can rely on your own resources or call on your own banker or financing institution. But you can also consider involving Janson Bridging in this process and leave the financing with us. The last few years we have experienced on several occasions that the financing and exploitation of major projects can be complex and time consuming. We can therefore also offer our customers a solution in this area.


There is always a solution at heart that suits your specific problem. We can understand that you only want to invest in resources when you need them and actually use them. For this reason, at Janson Bridging you can opt for the rental of a bridge, pontoon, Roro or ferry. You save on purchase, storage and maintenance costs. And moreover, you are assured of a solution that seamlessly connects to your needs. Changes in your needs? Then our solution changes with you. Flexibility is the magic word! How do we manage to make you this offer? Janson Bridging has the largest stock of bridges in the world and thus always has sufficient modular elements available to meet demand.


It goes without saying that the bridges, pontoons, Roros and ferries of Janson Bridging are also for sale. Especially when you want to use one of our solutions for a longer period of time or you want to opt for complete customisation, then choosing to buy could be an attractive choice. You can expect the best support from us, during, but also after the purchase process. From engineering the solution to delivery, service and possibly user training: customer support is our goal, just like providing top quality, durability and user-friendliness.


Are you planning to implement a temporary solution for a long time? Then it can be interesting to use a sale-buy-back structure. With a sale-buy-back structure, you purchase the solution and return it once you no longer need it. A residual amount, agreed in advance, will then be refunded to you. Of course, this depends on the period over which the solution is required. This type of agreement ensures you do not have to pay too much rent and is generally only feasible after a period of approx. 4 1/2 years.


There are situations where a technical solution is required in a relatively short period of time. However, it may be that there is no or insufficient temporary budget or that a chosen workaround finally assumed a permanent character. In that case, a hire-purchase construction proves to be a suitable solution. This type of agreement allows you to create a temporary solution and sufficient budget or to generate support for the purchase of the bridge, pontoon, Roro or ferry solution. There will be a settlement calculation agreed on in advance for the rent to be deducted from the purchase amount.