Engineering firm Janson Bridging

Adequate solutions according to specifications, standards and legislation. You quite possibly already have the actual finished product in the form of a bridge, pontoon, Roro or ferry, in mind. Or maybe you have formulated a broader problem for which the solution could be a Janson Bridging product. In both cases you are guaranteed to find substantial added value in our engineering department.

Consult our professionals for:

  • All types of calculations, both reaction forces and/or static calculations
  • All your questions about Dutch legislation, EU rules and global standards
  • Coming up with a concrete solution for your infrastructure problem

Design in 3D

Once we have your question completely in the picture and have looked at various scenarios in consultation, we choose the best solution in consultation. The design that our engineers will then create, is 3-dimensional. 3D designs have the great advantage that it reduces failure costs, because it represents the complete construction. In addition, it helps in visualising the solution.

Investing in innovation

Our engineering team works mainly on commissions, but also devotes time to continuous product development, research and development. Thus our products and services change with our customers and we know how to surprise again and again with innovative new concepts. So if you have a question or problem you would like to submit to us, please contact us, we look forward to discus it with you!