Janson's special solutions are developed based on our extensive experience with modular bridge systems. Different designs for temporary and permanent applications are available in different spans.

Customised bridge systems

Different materials allow customers to design their own bridge, with a choice of different types of side beams, deck mechanisms, deck types and railings. The customer also has a choice between a steel or fibreglass reinforced plastic solution, or a combination of both (hybrid structures).

By (pre) designing the various components and standardised production methods, the delivery and assembly can be carried out in a very short time, without the need for long lead times in design and procurement.

Modular customised temporary bridge systems

There are many possible temporary situations where special solutions are required. Because Janson Bridging has its own engineering firm and construction department, we can offer special solutions with our standard modular bridge elements as a basis. We like to consult with you and assist you in putting the best possible solution together.

Events Bridges

Janson Bridging regularly constructs bridge solutions for events throughout Europe.


FRP / Composites Bridges

In aviation, the automotive industry and in commercial and shipbuilding, among others, the use of fibreglass or carbon fibre reinforced plastic has been established for quite some time. The advantages of this composite material are such that smart applications have also found their way into civil engineering.

The Janson Bridging composite bridges are designed for heavily loaded support structures but light applications are also possible, for example, composite road bridges, or composite pedestrian bridges. The demand for composite bridges is rapidly increasing.


Janson Pontoons

These are modular pontoons that can be assembled on site into platforms for use on rivers and heavy maritime use. Ideal as a pontoon for construction cranes, pile-driving equipment and dredging equipment. Easy to transport and assemble. As with all Janson products, full support in the design, transportation and installation available for all of the above products. All information is available at our local offices in your country.