Janson Bridging can supply you with a permanent or temporary RoRo system, in modular standard units or a custom solution tailored to your requirements. A permanent installation is designed and tailored to the local conditions like tidal movements, currents, wind load, wave patterns and mooring arrangements.

By using the modular RoRo system, in which the length of the link span and the size of the pontoons are flexible, a configuration can quickly and easily be constructed allowing the mooring of several ships for simultaneous loading and/or unloading. Delivery may be possible directly from stock, but a newly manufactured RoRo can also be manufactured quickly using the modular design and manufacturing principle.

Rental with an option to buy after an agreed period of time has proven to be an attractive option. Janson's Roros are designed according to international standards and comply with international accepted certification. The optimised dimensions facilitate transport, enabling the passing of locks and inland ports.

The modular RoRo pontoons can be supplied with standard deck equipment such as bollards, fenders, crash barriers and sleep facilities. The pontoons are made up of compartments to allow for optimal ballast stability. The deck mechanism can cope with heavy wheel loads, such as Roll Trailers, while maintaining a maximum required free board. The heavy coupling systems are designed for the heaviest loads and to allow for a simple link above the water line.