Janson Bridging Modular Ferries

Want to make an area which is unreachable due to water, accessible? Want to use an alternative means of transport during maintenance on a bridge? The Janson Bridging modular ferries are a quick, adequate solution and can be used worldwide.

The Janson Bridging ferries are designed to make unreachable areas still accessible by water. A ferry consists of loose standard modular pontoons and mechanical elements. These are transported loose per container and then assembled and installed on site. The modular structure means a ferry can be made operational in a very short time, all over the world. And completely customised too.

Simply scalable and mountable
The number of pontoons determines the final size of the ferry. This makes the unique system extremely flexible and scalable. Adjustment is even possible on site, for example when it appears that the transportation need is changing or it is different from what was assumed in the first instance. Since the ferries are simple to connect mechanically, adjustments are always limited and easy to perform. Also by local professionals without extensive knowledge of bridges, pontoons or ferries.

In accordance with international regulations
Janson Bridging ferries are primarily meant to transport both humans and vehicles over water, mostly rivers and lakes. Each ferry is double-ended, so it can moor on either side. A self-propelled floating section is responsible for the propulsion. This module is installed just like the modular pontoons. Each Janson Bridging ferry is built based on the Guidance General Arrangement regulation and the strict Janson Bridging regulations and specifications.

Details for Janson Bridging Ferries

  • Based on roll-on roll-off principle with a hydraulic ramp (6.5 metres) on both sides
  • Fitted with two drive-propeller units driven by diesel engines
  • Average optimum speed of 6 knots
  • Maintenance can be carried out on site (i.e. in the water)

Janson Ferries sample specifications

Total length external dimensions Ca. 51.620 mm
Total length internal dimensions (operational) Ca. 36.620 mm
Maximum width Ca. 12.130 mm
Minimum height Ca. 2.000 mm
Maximum height Ca. 8.800 mm
Draught (summer design) Ca. 1.400 mm
Draught (empty and unladen) Ca. 700 mm
Own weight Ca. 231 tonnes
Maximum loading capacity Ca. 300 tonnes
Maximum speed Ca. 6 knots (11km/h) when fully laden



A ferry with these specifications has plenty of room, for example, to carry 9 American trucks or a combination of cars and trucks to 15 tons. A total of up to 200 passengers with accessories on board the ferry. The ferry can be loaded to a maximum weight of 300 tons.