Janson Bridging is the market leader in Europe for the rental and sale of steel modular bridges, pontoons, RoRos and ferries. These innovative solutions can be used for permanent, temporary and emergency requirements, wherever and whenever our customers require them. Our many years of experience and numerous successfully completed projects ensure that we are able to assist you in achieving your project.

To ensure continuity in the delivery of top quality and reliable equipment, Janson Bridging invests significantly in employees, knowledge and materials. The entire process can then be completed by our own employees, from the initial conversation to engineering and assembly. Fast deliveries are also possible: to accomplish this, Janson Bridging has decentralized stock throughout Europe.


Janson’s modular Bridge Systems are designed and manufactured according to Eurocode Standards in order to meet the specific criteria for vehicles or pedestrians.. Janson's temporary bridge systems are the perfect solution when disruption of traffic flows caused by major maintenance or reconstruction is undesirable. A wide range of products allows Janson Bridging to supply bridges for motorway traffic, with linkspans of up to 122 metres using the Panel System, or a section bridge for unlimited clearance widths within the standard modular sizes.

The temporary bridges from Janson can also be used for:

  • Temporary roadway support on building sites
  • Restoring traffic flow after infrastructure failure caused by flooding or seismic events.
  • Constructing support systems for pipelines
  • Formwork support for casting concrete profiles



The Janson Modular Couple Pontoons are designed and manufactured according to international nautical design regulations, which meet the construction criteria for floating structures. The Janson Modular Couple Pontoon System is a fast, easy and inexpensive way of creating platforms on water. The pontoons can be connected to each other in various configurations to create a diversity of platform layouts: square, rectangular, H or U-shaped and so forth. The pontoons are designed to be transported by truck and are lifted into the water by telecrane, using the upper couplers as lifting lugs. Once on the water, they can be coupled easily and efficiently by 2 assembly workers, using an effectively designed coupling system. A wide range of auxiliary equipment is available, such as gangways, bollards, fenders, spud legs and so forth. This further enhances the flexibility of the Janson Couple Pontoon System. Janson Couple Pontoons are available in 3 different heights: 1.00, 1.50 and 2.00 metres.



Janson Bridging's RoRo system is an ideal combination between our modular pontoons and bridge sections. The result is a floating platform with a permanent linkspan. A RoRo facilitates the loading and discharging of marine vessels in seaports with tidal movements. The use of standard bridge and pontoon systems ensures that a fast and appropriate solution is always within easy reach.

Projects for which our RoRos can be used:

  • Small mooring pontoon with gangway
  • Construction platforms on the water
  • Loading and discharging marine vessels

Would you like to know how a modular RoRo can solve your infrastructural problem? Then please contact us. We would be happy to find the perfect solution for your situation.


Customized Solutions

Experience has taught us that each project is unique. That is why we are always able to deliver customized solutions. Our experienced structural engineers and draughtsmen can design any required modification to the modular bridge or pontoon systems. These systems provide the perfect foundation. As our customer, we also enable you to design your own bridge. You decide on the type of girder, deck systems, deck types and rails and equipment, either individually or in consultation with our engineering firm. Would you like a steel bridge, glass reinforced or carbon-fibre reinforced plastic or a combination of both? The choice is yours! Because we work with modular parts, systems and standardized production methods, your custom configured bridge becomes a reality in no time.


Alternative product line

Janson has access to a large stock of alternative, non-standard Janson Bridging bridge systems. These are bridge systems that have not been designed by us. They are available in a range of types and sizes from panel bridge systems to plate girder bridge systems. The stock is large and available immediately for rent or buy.