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Kruispoort, Bruges

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Do you need a temporary or permanent bridge? Janson Bridging is the definitive, full-service expert in modular steel bridges, pontoon systems, RoRos and ferries for both civil and military purposes. Would you like to rent, buy or finance a bridge? We have over 20,000 tonnes of stock and are always able to provide a fast and reliable solution. If required, our engineers are happy to further assist you with any structural and technical issues and standards. Knowledge, experience, stock and flexibility: this is where we excel when it comes to bridges. It is not by chance that we are the market leader in Europe.

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Building bridges Sri Lanka

When the water level begins to rise during the rainy season, it becomes impossible for many villagers in Sri Lanka to use the bridges in their country. Workers are unable to get to work, children cannot go to school, farmers cannot market their crops and access to medical facilities is limited. Some inhabitants even risk their lives trying to cross a river using ropes or tree trunks. The bridges that Dutch company Janson Bridging will be supplying should turn around this situation for the inhabitants of rural areas in Sri Lanka.  Read more >>

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